Friday, August 27, 2010

A good 'ol fashioned drunken-ing.

A great man, and good friend of mine famously said on a first date; "You want to see something funny? Watch me get drunk!" In the space a hardcore evening of boozing i've never really been sure how many drinks I could put away. So I decided to find out.."Watch me get drunk", comes to mind.

Go out, get drunk, take a photo of every drink I consume.

01: (4:37pm )Fishouse Punch Jello-Shot with popping candy

02: (5:21pm) Filter Coffee with shot of Coole Swan
03: (6:22pm) Glass of Prosecco

04: (6:53pm) Half a bottle of a shit American micro-brew

05: (7:02pm) Shots of Mimosa

06: (7:21pm) Tom Collins served in a Jar

07: (7:41pm)Farmer's Gin wet Martini

08: (7:56pm) Tanqueray Gimlet

09: (8:40pm) Pint of German Bock

10: (9:06pm) Pint of Einbecker Pilsner
11: (10:11pm) Tequila collins with Absinthe
12: (10:40pm) Pabst Blue Ribbon Pint
12: (11:07pm) Six Point Pint
13: (11:31pm) Kolsch Pint
14: (12:05am) Six Point Pint
15: (12:49am) Cider Pint
16: (1:33am) Miller High-life

17 & 18: (1:39am) more Fishouse Punch Jello-Shots & another High-Life
19: (2:09am) Tecate Lager

20: (2:45am) Jameson shot

Goodnight nurse..

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  1. I haven't tried Lillet yet - thanks for the description of the taste! Your cocktail sounds interesting (and strong!) I'll have to try it some day. First I'll need to buy the Lillet... :)Drinkdings