Friday, August 27, 2010

A good 'ol fashioned drunken-ing.

A great man, and good friend of mine famously said on a first date; "You want to see something funny? Watch me get drunk!" In the space a hardcore evening of boozing i've never really been sure how many drinks I could put away. So I decided to find out.."Watch me get drunk", comes to mind.

Go out, get drunk, take a photo of every drink I consume.

01: (4:37pm )Fishouse Punch Jello-Shot with popping candy

02: (5:21pm) Filter Coffee with shot of Coole Swan
03: (6:22pm) Glass of Prosecco

04: (6:53pm) Half a bottle of a shit American micro-brew

05: (7:02pm) Shots of Mimosa

06: (7:21pm) Tom Collins served in a Jar

07: (7:41pm)Farmer's Gin wet Martini

08: (7:56pm) Tanqueray Gimlet

09: (8:40pm) Pint of German Bock

10: (9:06pm) Pint of Einbecker Pilsner
11: (10:11pm) Tequila collins with Absinthe
12: (10:40pm) Pabst Blue Ribbon Pint
12: (11:07pm) Six Point Pint
13: (11:31pm) Kolsch Pint
14: (12:05am) Six Point Pint
15: (12:49am) Cider Pint
16: (1:33am) Miller High-life

17 & 18: (1:39am) more Fishouse Punch Jello-Shots & another High-Life
19: (2:09am) Tecate Lager

20: (2:45am) Jameson shot

Goodnight nurse..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Get a NEW life..

'Don't speak unless you have something to say' comes to mind in response to any of you that have enquired as to when my next blog will be done. Its been three weeks and change since my last post. Call it writer's block if you will, or a lack of witty motivation, but you're wrong. I'll get to that later.

This brings me to my topic of today's post; Variety. Many of you who read this are bartenders. Very good bartenders at that. One's who devote hours of researching old recipes, spirit histories, and working on new innovative recipes for your respective guests, in your respective bars. I tip my hat, and raise a glass to you. You are, collectively, the driving passion that may well tip our jobs as 'Barkeeps' from a trade, to a truly respected profession. Now here's what i don't get, What else do you like? What do I mean, you say? I mean, you know, what OTHER stuff are you interested in? I mean apart from booze?

Passion is most definitely a good thing. One should always strive to do, what ever they do, to the best of their abilities. If you are a magician, you should be the best damn magician you can. If you have chosen to get people drunk for a living, you should be the best damn barkeep you can.

Now answer this. Have you ever written a CV for a job and struggled to fill in your section on 'Other Interests'? Or when was the last time you posted a facebook status that didn't have something to do with your job? I know a lot of bartenders that honestly have nothing else to say. Imagine if this was the case with any other profession. I'd hate to have to see constant updates from an electrician friend like; "Got to work today and had to do a job on a place with aliminium conductors. What is this, 1986 Canada?? HAHA.."

You get my point?

So back to why i havn't blogged in the last month? I've been filling my days with playing baseball, reading fiction, going to museums and galleries, eating out, and cooking great food. Basically my other passions! The things i think about 99% of the time when i'm not at work. To be honest, the things i think about most of the time when i'm at work as well.

Like i said, passion is good. Professionalism is good. Be the best bartender, electrician or magician that is humanly possible. But don't let it take over your life. Find new interests and hobbies. For the sake of a rich, interesting life, you have to.